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Family Tree Midwifery

Midwifery & Birth Services Pricing

(Looking for our A la carte and/or freebirthing menu? Please scroll to the bottom)

Family Tree Midwifery offers full service care with a California Medical Board Licensed Midwife for $6500 ($500 discount is applied if paying with actual green cash.)

The following services are provided:

Prenatal care starts with monthly appointments that continue every 3-4 weeks until the third trimester when visits begin to occur more frequently - every two weeks until the last month of pregnancy and then weekly visits will occur until birth. Some circumstances may require more frequent visits. Each appointment is either face to face with the Midwife (OR utilizing video conferencing) Appointments may run longer for first time families or families new to Midwifery care. Each prenatal appointment is filled with extensive individualized care including all the medical options offered in maternity care elsewhere: labs, ultrasounds, testing and screening etc.

Labor and Birth: Physical and emotional support for active labor is provided with special care to incorporate all family members you desire to be present. We will assist in the birth of the baby and placenta and monitor the baby and mother's immediate transition following delivery. Fully stocked emergency medical equipment and supplies as would be found in a standard hospital delivery room, and advanced Midwifery skills are brought to every birth, yet space and faith are held with the belief that birth is, most of the time, a natural process that should unfold as undisturbed as possible...Importance is placed on family bonding and the strong belief that birth should be centered around mother, baby and family, not unnecessary medical protocols. There is so much more to birth than simply not dying...

Immediate postpartum care: Mother and baby are monitored for normal transition, and space is held for bonding and attachment for the new family. Any birth canal tears incurred by the mother (this is prevented as best as possible) will be repaired (including numbing the area first) and the birthing environment is left clean and dry. We will stay with the family for about 3-4 hours after the birth to ensure mother and baby have safely transitioned from labor to postpartum recovery. A full head to toe newborn exam, verbal and written postpartum instructions for mother and baby, and an appointment for next day follow up will be made prior to the Midwifes departure.

One of our FAVORITE parts of Midwifery: Follow up postpartum care! Mother and baby are given several follow up appointments that occur through 6 weeks postpartum. A final "Graduation Visit" includes a PAP smear/yearly exam for mom (if needed or desired) and discussion and referrals for future family planning needs.

You are choosing a primary care provider for mom and baby for an entire childbearing year!

The most common referrals during the postpartum time are for additional professional lactation support, a pediatrician or other professional to address a concern (such as a tongue tie), physician follow-up or assessment for the mother, chiropractic or other alternative care (CST or Bowen etc). Other resources and referrals are given as needed or requested. These additional services are not financially covered as part of your care with Family Tree Midwifery.

Midwives are licensed by the California Medical Board to be the primary care providers for healthy, normal, and low risk mothers and babies for an entire six weeks following the birth! Many mothers assume they are high risk for things such as past miscarriage or being over age 30...this may be true in other settings (often for billing reasons), BUT this is NOT true for Midwifery care or home birth eligibility! Please ask us, we are very familiar with what is appropriate or not appropriate for out of hospital care.

Please note that the cost of the following services/items are NOT included: (this is NOT an all inclusive list): lab work, ultrasound, screening or testing for mother or baby, water birth tub/accessories, childbirth education classes (STRONGLY encouraged for first time parents), transport by ambulance, hospital care for mother or baby, birth certificate fees, RhoGam Injections (for moms with Rh negative blood types), lactation specialists, fees for any services referred to...essentially our fees only cover what's listed above. If you have questions about what is or is not covered, we are happy to chat more in a free one hour video consultation or via email.

FINANCES: What you really want to know...the financial nitty gritty! Deeper details, refund policy etc will be agreed upon in a financial contract upon signing up for care, this is a brief overview. We offer insurance billing, however insurances will not accept claims for our services until after services are rendered, therefore we require payment in full before the birth and insurance is billed for reimbursement (minus deductibles/copays/member or patient responsibility portions). Please feel free to reach out to us for clarification....we understand that the medical billing/fees/insurance etc side of things in maternity care can feel quite different from other care providers, and we are happy to help!

Family Tree Midwifery charges a discounted fee of $6500.00 to be paid in full prior to your estimated due date. If we bill your insurance or a health share, these funds will serve as a deposit for your deductibles/copay/client responsibility and less money may be reimbursed to you based on the amounts or your deductibles/copay/client responsibility.

We will not charge you the difference between our discounted fee and amounts filed to Insurance/Health Shares following care with us.

DEPOSIT: All families are required to pay a $2000.00 non-refundable deposit no later than the first prenatal appointment or within 14 days of a verbal agreement to sign on for care. All deposits are applied toward your balance and/or co-pays and deductibles. Deposits reserve your due date in our calendar and once full, we will decline other potential clients in the month you are due. We can not reserve due date availability based on verbal desire only.

Again, ALL deposits are NOT refundable and we are more than happy to answer your questions! Please reach out to us!

Families planning and experienced in Freebirth/UC are encouraged to scroll down to our A La Carte section for individual services you may be interested in. Please note that a la carte services do NOT include pro-rated/birth/delivery services and are NOT a way to try and piece together home birth with a Midwife and equipment present, at a cheaper rate. Due to legal/liability reasons: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL A MIDWIFE SHOW UP FOR "JUST THE BIRTH" like an ambulance would. We do not offer birth and postpartum services alone. We will not respond to any requests for this service or any services for a person currently in labor who has not already established care with us for this pregnancy.

Families signing up for care at 38 weeks receive the same pricing as families signing up for care at 4 weeks. Often there is more work to do in gathering necessary labs and reports and "catching up" as well as preparing for natural birth and establishing a trusting provider/client relationship. No discounts are offered for signing on late for care.

No discounts are offered for using "shadow care" and seeing another care provider at the same time as seeing Family Tree Midwifery. Sometimes insurance will cover lab fees and ultrasound fees by doing this method of care, but our professional fees will not be discounted, just the same as other providers do not discount their professional fees for families seeing us. 

Virtual - Alternate Visit Options

We are super excited to be able to offer video/phone appointments as well as email support! This is a lovely way to get a Midwife's perspective, wisdom and ongoing natural minded support! The most frequently used virtual appointments are for: replacement of routine in person prenatal or postpartum appointments, topic based teaching/advice, fertility troubleshooting and advice, a second opinion, herbal or supplement advice on any of the following; normal menstrual cycling; pregnancy; breastfeeding; children (or spouses), what to take for various illnesses or issues etc. These visits are also open to family members of current clients who want to chat with and "meet" the Midwife, or your friends and family looking for do not have to be a past or present client in order to utilize our video chat or email options!

A la carte services

Individual visits or services are available for all families, not just families choosing to birth with us. Typically these are PAP smear visits, lactation support, prenatal or postpartum check in, newborn screening exams for freebirthing families, various lab services, RhoGam injections, medications or screenings for mom or baby that require a license to order/obtain/administer, numbing and suturing the birth canal, assessment and letter for vital statistics (to help obtain birth certificate) etc. 

Fees start at $200 per visit + lab and/or supply fees as appropriate

Please fill out a contact form and let us know what you are looking for and how we can best serve you!

Please note: A la carte services do not cover in any way, shape or form "birth services" and are not a way to get a Midwife attended home birth at a discounted rate. For legal/liability reasons, a Midwife will NEVER show up "just for the birth" however we encourage you to reach out to us via our contact page if you are interested in discussing our Virtual Birth Support Options!